Health Data Interoperability: Regulatory Roundup

Webinar: Accelerating Interoperability: Navigating Health Data Regulations

Stay informed on the evolving health data regulatory landscape across governing bodies Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), Centers for Medicaid + Medicare Service (CMS) and Department of Health + Human Services (HHS), and get prepared for what’s next.

“All of these interoperability regs are built around empowering individuals by giving them access to their own healthcare data and letting them make their own informed decisions… that’s powerful.”

In this discussion moderated by 1upHealth CEO Joe Gagnon, Dr Don Rucker, our Chief Strategy Officer and former National Coordinator for ONC and our General Counsel Eden Avraham-Katz provide updates on latest proposed rules impacting health organizations, and share perspective on topics including:

  • The roles of ONC, CMS, and HHS in the healthcare system and the proposed rules around advancing health data sharing and interoperability
  • Goals of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) and limitations impeding wider data exchange
  • Why the FHIR standard and RESTful APIs are necessary to help us compute on the value and quality of healthcare
  • How moving from USCDIv1 to USCDIv3 will support interoperability and care coordination across the full care continuum, and how health organizations are preparing for the 2025 deadline
  • Addressing Healthcare Quality and Value-Based Payment: Gain valuable insights into the challenges with value-based payment and quality measurement in healthcare.
  • Predictions and forecasts on the future of healthcare and interoperability.
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